untitledThe STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE(SIPRI),has recently  released a report on Arms Transfer and Military Spending.According to the report of the Sweden based institute, the Saudi Arab displaced India and became the world’s largest arms importer between 2014-2018.The report says that there was decrease of 24% in the imports by India between 2009-2013 and 2014-2018. One of the reasons was the of delay in the deliveries of arms that were to be imported and produced under licence from the foreign manufacturers.The Pakistan was positioned at 11th and CHINA emerged as biggest exporter of arms to the former.CHINA occupied 70% of the share and the remaining pie was shared by USA 8.9% and RUSSIA 6% .

Given Below The Table Of 25 world’s largest Arms Exporters.

1 U.S.A 36
3 FRANCE 6.8
5 CHINA 5.2
7 SPAIN 3.2
8 ISRAEL 3.1
9 ITALY 2.3
12 UKRAINE 1.3
14 TURKEY 1.0
15 SWEDEN 0.7
16 CANADA 0.6
17 NORWAY 0.5
18 U.A.E 0.3
19 CZECHIA 0.3
20 BELARUS 0.3
23 BRAZIL 0.2
24 FINLAND 0.2

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA along with RUSSIA,FRANCE,GERMANY and CHINA accounted for 75% of the total arms export.








Given Below The Table Of 40 world’s largest Arms Importers.

2 INDIA 9.5
3 EGYPT 5.1
6 CHINA 4.2
7 U.A.E 3.7
8 IRAQ 3.7
10 VIETNAM 2.9
13 TURKEY 2.3
14 QATAR 2.0
15 ISRAEL 2.0
16 U.S.A 1.8
17 TAIWAN 1.7
18 OMAN 1.6
20 ITALY 1.5
21 JAPAN 1.4
24 MOROCCO 1.2
26 CANADA 1.0
28 GREECE 1.0
29 KUWAIT 1.0
31 JORDAN 0.9
32 NORWAY 0.8
34 MEXICO 0.7
35 BRAZIL 0.6
36 MYANMAR 0.6
37 FINLAND 0.6
38 POLAND 0.6
40 PERU 0.5

The SAUDI ARABIA along with INDIA,EGYPT,CHINA and AUSTRALIA are the major importers of arms.









India’s import from Russia for 2014-2018 was 58% which was 28% low as compare to 2009-2013.As India’s defence market has new players like USA,Israel and France.But there is again a shift in the pendulum and it is expected that there is going to be an exponential increase in Indo -Russian trade.Recently the government of India has signed several big tickets deals and more are in process.The deals includes AK-203 Assault Rifles,Short Range Air Defence System,S-400 Air Defence System,Stealth Frigates,Nuclear Submarine,Kamov-226T Utility Helicopter and Mi-17 Helicopters.

STEALTH FRIGATES.                                                 NUCLEAR SUBMARINES.
SHORT AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM.                                    S-400 AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM.





















Anshu Garg


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