The Citizenship Act 1955, not only provide the provisions for acquisition of citizenship but also for its termination. One can lose its citizenship by renunciation, by termination and by deprivation.

  • BY RENUNCIATION– The renunciation is a voluntary act of giving up the citizenship of India. If a person gives up his citizenship voluntarily then his minor children will also lose their citizenship. But when they attain the of eighteen years they may resume Indian Citizenship.
  • BY TERMINATION-If an Indian Citizen voluntarily gives up the citizenship and acquires the citizenship of another country. His citizenship of India terminates automatically. During the war, the provision of Termination provision does not come into play.
  • BY DEPRIVATION– The Government of India by the order can terminate citizenship. Under the following conditions-
    • If citizenship is obtained by fraud.
    • If a citizen has shown disloyalty to the Constitution of India.
    • If a citizen has transferred information to the enemy.
    • If a person has been residing outside India for a period of seven years ordinarily.
    • If a person has acquired the citizenship of India by Naturalisation or Registration within five years, been imprisoned in any country for two years.

Madhvendra Mishra

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