Dhanush is a 155×45 Calibre towered artillery gun developed by ORDNANCE FACTORY BOARD,Kolkata based on the needs of the Indian Army.Manufactured by Jabalpur based Gun Carriage Factory.

Dhanush as an artillery system has proved to be one of the best amongst its class. A 45 Calibre towed gun system capable of targeting at long ranges i.e upto 40 kilometers.Which is 8-10 kilometers more than the present 155mm x 39 Cal Bofors Guns.The machine has a night firing capacity with direct mode with armament system comprising of a barrel,muzzle velocity recording,breech mechanism,thermal imaging,laser range and recoil to fire along with six round magazine.It is capable to fire all types of ammunition available with Indian Army with better accuracy.

The gun has one of the most sophisticated suites of electronic and computing systems in the world.It has been fitted with inertial navigation system with global positioning system based gun recording and auto laying,an enhanced tactical computer for on board ballistic computations.

It is an Make In India effort with 80-90% parts are ingenuously sourced and the expertise of Indian Private Industries such as BHARAT ELECTRONICS(BEL),MISHRA DHATU NIGAM (MIDHANI) etc were used .The manufacturing cost of each gun is 14.50 crores and one shell will cost 1 lakh rupees.

Anshu Garg

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